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Developer who graduated from Arizona State University and who is currently working for Elevated Third.


Elevated Third Senior Drupal Developer January 2019 - Current

Mediacurrent Senior Drupal Developer May 2017 - January 2019

  • Worked on Magmutual SSO integration with Salesforce. Also built search for the client's learning center pages using Solr and Search API.
  • Worked on a Drupal 7 to 8 migration for Vanderbilt which included converting modules from 7 to 8, creating a reusable service from an API, and made some custom twig templates for old markup.

NBC News Software Engineer May 2015 - April 2017

  • Worked on both the Today and NBC News brands developing various tools used by their editors throughout their systems.
  • Built new recipes subsection for the Today brand, using a headless Drupal architecture which queued data through RabbitMQ and passed it to their API.
  • Helped with the implementation of a content warehouse importer, which used technologies such as NodeJS, Angular, and Drupal. This helped editors workflow for creating content from various sources.
  • Leveraged using the News API to create a page to view data from old legacy slideshows. This helps editors reuse old content for future articles.
  • Built micro-content concept called "cards" where editors easily can create snippets of content and share across various articles across the site. This was useful for the 2016 US election coverage done on nbcnews.com by displaying factoids about the candidates.

McMurry/TMG Software Engineer November 2012 - May 2015

  • Team lead engineer on the creation of a Drupal 7 website for a Fortune 500 company which involved architecting the creation of custom content types, migration of old content, create a relevancy algorithm, and developing other custom modules.
  • Helped out various team engineers with establishing a standard Git process through projects and following the Drupal coding standards.
  • Improved a Code Igniter built mobile website where I fixed various encoding and decoding issues with data pulled from a database, better MVC integration, and improved query performance.
  • Developed an Android application for IMSA which pulls content from a Drupal backend, and up to date scoring data; It currently has a rating of 4/5 stars with around 10 thousand downloads.
  • Have worked with various clients through the start and end of a project life cycle. Client projects in which I collaborated on included: Marriot, UAHealth, Saint Lukes Healthsystems, IMSA, and more.

EmpowHER LLC Software Engineer May 2012 - November 2012

  • Created a vary custom search and auto-complete implementation that used Apache Solr and Drupal 6, which helped increase user engagement.
  • Integrated various caching solutions for the EmpowHER website. These solutions included setting up a Varnish proxy, MySQL master and slave integration, Javascript optimizations, and adding static caching to code.
  • Worked with Infusionsoft's REST API to integrate user subscriptions to various mailing lists and other campaigns.
  • A custom video module was created to handle the companies Ruby based proprietary video service which was hosted on Amazon Web Services.
  • Planned out a migration plan for moving their Drupal 6 website into a Drupal 7 site. This also included migrating their SVN repository into a GIT hosted repository.
  • Integrated Adobe Site Catalyst to the main site, which included adding it to custom content types, their video service, and creating custom vars to handle gathering data from subscribers.
Mario Angulo


Drupal 6 website that was converted over to Drupal 7.
Saint Luke's Health System
Drupal 7 website we built an event system through the use of the commerce module and custom functionality.
Saint Lukes Health System
Drupal 7 website which contained data for races and racer information.
IMSA Android
IMSA - Android App
IMSA Android application which connects through an API to display racing data and news articles.
IMSA Android
Phone App
Marriott - Meetings Imagined
Built analytic dashboards for Meetings Imagined using Google Analytics and Drupal.
Schwab - Insights
Drupal 7 website which was built as a subsite on schwab.com.
Today - Food Club
Headless Drupal 7 website which we built recipe content type and other enhancements.
NBCNews - Politics
Built micro content concept and helped build tools used for the 2016 conventions/elections.
decision 2016
Blizzard - OWL
OWL websites which I helped with API and video integration.